16mm Experimental Performance Film, 6 minutes, 1999
Co-directed by Joseph Ravens

Chicago-based performance artist Joseph Ravens delivers morbid poetry about human anatomy and our search for youth and immortality. His macabre metaphors are oddly juxtaposed with colorful festive objects made from magical pills, exotic remedies and bottled potions. Adapted from the stage performance, ‘May Contain…’, the film ‘Containers’ includes a sound collage which mocks our futile attempts to prolong life, and the magnificent elixirs we put our hopes into.

Cast & Crew

  • Producer / Director / Performer
  • Director / Cinematographer / Editor
  • Sound Recording
  • Sound Collage & Mix
  • Sculptural Object Fabrication
  • Production Assistant
  • Joseph Ravens
  • Danièle Wilmouth
  • Denise DiPrima
  • Paul Simons
  • Danièle Wilmouth
  • Joseph Ravens
  • Poul